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Ranked Ballot Only

Fair Vote Canada is holding politicians accountable on electoral reform with this video ad campaign. 

We were hired by Round Agency to direct this broadcast ad for Go Auto.

Go Auto asked us to find a creative way to recruit talent during their rapid expansion.

Enticing pet lovers to take the First 5 Challenge for Champion Petfoods.

We were thrilled to shoot this Architectural Digest Open Door episode of Lenard McDavid and his mom and dad’s home.

Bringing relational horsemanship training to the world.

Raised with Care, Stewards of the Land Documentary

In partnership with ev+ Agency and the ABVMA, this documentary raises awareness of antimicrobial resistance stewardship.

In partnership with ev+ Agency and the ABVMA, this 30s spot sheds light on the mounting pressures faced by the veterinarian industry in Alberta.
A sleek corporate video that shows off Eagle Builder’s high-end products, people and values.

McDonald's Event Video

McDonald’s fundraiser event video for Ross Sheppard High School’s Athletics Program in Edmonton, AB.

Just So You Know Educational Series for the City of Edmonton
A heartfelt and moving mini-doc showcasing Anthony, a troubled youth, and how Youcan helped him get his life back on track.

An emotional look a three individual’s lives and how the Mosaic Centre helps them overcome life’s hardships.

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