Edmonton video production services.
Video production services edmonton.

     We make
video content
        for brands &     agencies.

Video production services edmonton.
Edmonton video production services.

   We make
video content
       for brands &     agencies.

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Video Production Services

We are a full-service video production company with 10+ years experience. We’ve worked in all kinds of mediums including tv, social advertising and internal communications. We nurture collaborative relationships with our clients and are capable of supporting them during any and all phases of a production.


Pre-production is the earliest phase of a project and includes everything that happens before shooting. It’s research and strategy, creative development and scripting, logistics, planning and of course, budgeting. As we often say to our clients, the more thoughtful we are in the pre-production phase, the smoother the rest of the project is sure to go.

Often we are leading the research, strategy, and scripting, and other times the client has the script and delivery plan ready, and are looking for us to fill in the gaps as producers, directors and/or DOPs or even editors. We can do both, and can proudly say we have won awards for our creative writing talent. The Creative part might seem the most valuable skill, but we know we’ll only be successful if we’re also really good at the research and strategy part as well.  

Video production offers limitless possibilities for expressing brand messaging and emotions in entertaining and effective ways. From moodboards, to set design and wardrobe, creative art direction creates narratives that today’s hyper-visual audiences connect to and seek out.

Finding, securing, and optimizing the locations required for shoots may be one of the more challenging tasks to coordinate at this stage. We frequently utilize our large social networks to seek advice and leads on unique filming needs.

Hiring the right talent is essential to the success of any campaign. We’ve successfully cast a range of talent from child athletes, on-camera hosts for documentaries, to cats and dogs, and a hundred extras to fill a hockey arena. We also have pros that can handle wardrobe and set styling, as required.  

The last step before shooting can begin is finalizing the final pre-production planning documents. This can include shot lists, story boards, call sheets, technical requirements and reviewing any safety or logistical issues we may need to plan for.


At this point, we are crewed up and ready to shoot. We like to say that the best part of our job is that no two production days are ever the same. Some days are magic while others might have their challenges; but thanks to thorough planning and highly experienced professionals on set, our clients always walk away happy.

Directors oversee the creative aspects of a production. We’ll take the original script or idea and visualize it, enhance it, build the appropriate team for it, and execute it in a way only an experienced director can.  

We also work with outside producers and directors needing a DOP/DP (director of photography), videographer and crew. We’ve assembled crews big and small. Needing a Sound Op, CA, Grip, PA, Wardrobe Stylist, Makeup & Hair Pro or anything else? Let us know. 

We have a constantly evolving selection of camera, audio and lighting gear, although we favour ARRI, Blackmagic, Sony, Wescott, Rode and DJI brands. We use the right tools for the job. Sorry, we are not currently renting out gear.

Last but not least, we “wrap out” after shooting by completing the remaining production tasks. We back up footage, deconstruct sets, return rentals or props, finalize accounts, and so on. We have also been known to organize a wrap party, or two.

Post Production

The post-production process is quite straightforward. We present a rough cut first to allow clients the opportunity to address the story and messaging. Once the client approves, we move into “picture lock.” At this point we know the timeline will not change, and we can elevate the final product with colour, sound fx, graphics and more.

This is the assembly stage. We’re primarily editing video in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

Music scoring and licensing, as well as composing, audio levelling and sweetening. Please give us a reason to foley!

Colour correction/grading is primarily in DaVinci Resolve. Tons of experience grading LOG and BRAW footage.

Our motion graphics, such as title cards, supers and stings, have always had a reputation for being timeless and modern in style. We’ve used visual FX and special effects very effectively as well.

We always advise our clients to take the time to create accurate closed captions for accessibility their videos. We also have certified translation service partners.

The final step in our work together is sharing the final deliverables. We also offer media buying for our clients that are looking for support with their paid media campaigns.

Urban video wins three advertising agency ace awards in 2021

We were recognized with three 2021 ACE (Advertising Club of Edmonton) Awards. 


Video Editing Services

We have edited everything from documentaries to social campaigns and university video lectures. We’ve also been sought out for our sound design and colour grading skills specifically. You can learn more about our post-production services below.

Corporate Video Editing

Where do you start, seriously? You have three 8-hour days of footage from multiple cameras, on multiple cards, in multiple formats—interviews, b-roll, audio files. It can be daunting opening up that blank project. We’ve been doing this for over a decade and have systems in place to help us manage any project.


Cutting interviews is a massive part of what we do, and we feel it deserves a category of its own. One hack we use to speed up the process is transcribing the material. Editing an hour-long interview down to two-minutes without losing key messages, emotion and pace—is an art-form in itself, and we’re pretty good at it.

Colour Grading

Whether it’s fixing footage shot under dreaded fluorescent lighting, footage that was incorrectly white-balanced or even under-exposed, you’d be surprised what modern software can do if you have the right tools and know-how. When it comes to colour grading, we do everything from clean-corporate to gritty-cinematic.

Sound Design

Without question, sound design is our favourite job. An often overlooked part of the storytelling process, sound can add an entirely new emotional dimension to a project—taking something that was already good to something that gives viewers goosebumps.

After Effects

Almost every projects needs at least a title screen, lower-thirds, a logo sting or subtitles. And sometimes you need to remove a logo, blur out a face, key a green screen, or maybe composite something into the shot that wasn’t there. That’s just another day in the office for us.


Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion graphic and animation videos are an effective way of educating and engaging audiences. Whether you’re looking for an animated logo sting, or need help producing an explainer video from scratch, we can help. Learn more about our related services below.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers can sometimes be the unsung heroes of motion graphic projects, so we believe it’s important to shout our praises. They each have their own unique style and it’s fascinating watching them design art that can move in 2D. Talk to us about our pool of talented artists we collaborate with over and over again. 

Animated Titles

We have a reputation for designing and animating cool, tasteful titles and lower thirds. Wanna learn our top secret trick to being good at this? We favour classic styles that won’t look dated two years after the video airs.

Animated Logos

This is another special skill of ours. Designing end screens and logo stings that will stand the test of time. Our eyes gravitate towards things that move, so we design logo stings in a very motivated and tasteful way.

Closed Captions

We encourage clients to include closed caption files with all of their videos. It’s better for seo purposes, but more importantly, is an accessibility issue for deaf and hard of hearing people. Baked on subtitles can also be valuable for language translations.

Professional Voice-Overs

This seems like the perfect opportunity to give a shout out to the star of most motion graphic videos, the voiceover artists. We have a roster of talent we routinely audition and cast from, so if you’re a VO artist and you want to say hello, send us an email casting@urbanvideo.ca


One of our trusted partners, Olivia of OMD4 Makeup and FX. 


Edmonton Videographers

Not every project requires a full crew. Sometimes you just need a reliable videographer to cover an event or setup an interview with the CEO—whose time is like gold. Here’s why you should hire us.


For the past 10 years, we’ve successfully covered international news stories, countless live or experiential events, and conducted high-profile interviews for documentaries and corporate videos. A large part of our success comes from the time we’ve taken to vet and train our team. Let’s face it. Sometimes we’re really good at what we do, because of mistakes or challenges we’ve encountered in the past. If you’re planning a high pressure gig, you gotta hire an experienced crew you can trust.

Diverse Roster of Talent

We’re proud of our diverse team of videographers—some that have been doing this for a long time, others that are hungry up-and-comers. Not only do we have talented people behind the camera, we can also provide with a crew if you need it. Whether it’s a high-profile, high-pressure project, or a run-and-gun, do-your-best kind of project, we can provide you with the right talent for the job.

Flexible Availability

Our team is available for half day (under four hours including set up and take down) or full day productions. Directors, camera assistants, production assistants, audio and lighting technicians are also available for hire. Just tell us what you need and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

Female video producer looks at cellphone and storyboards on her laptop.
Female video producer looks at cellphone and storyboards on her laptop.

Creative Content Services

We also provide a variety of creative content services. Our values of research-driven strategy, effective design and compelling storytelling are instilled in everything we do. Check out the types of content, and our processes below. 

Types of Content

We collaborate with brands on all kinds of marketing initiatives, and have developed a reputation for creating content that is smart, attractive and engaging. Our ideal partners understand they need content that connects to audiences in meaningful ways, and on a consistent basis. We’re here to help them with that. 

We provide a range of branding content services, including the creation of visual identities and logos, audience personas, and brand positioning.

People want information quickly, and most importantly, they want it easy to understand. Combining audio, text and visuals is the best way to educate a vast group of people that all learn in different ways.

While disruptive advertising is becoming less common among the big brands, there will always be competition in paid media. We like to set a “skip ad” challenge. Is this content intriguing enough to pique the attention of viewers and stop them from pressing that “skip ad” button?

The potential of building communities and getting conversions through social media and e-newsletters are endless. The brands not actively focusing on building online communities, are already losing in the digital revenue race. We’re especially interested in the potential of influencer marketing and TikTok/Reels-style video shorts for brands.

Online commerce and digital marketing has only grown since the pandemic, and it is absolutely essential a brand performs well online. Websites must be designed well with seo-focused content, be user-friendly and showcase a brand’s personality. After all, for most brands, websites have replaced the brick and mortar storefronts of the past. An advantage in hiring Urban Video for web services is that we include really high-end and visually creative photos, motion graphics and video content into our website projects. 

The Process

Below are the processes we follow for nearly every creative content service we provide. At the root of it all is always sound research and a well-thought out strategy and execution plan. 

After the discovery meeting, we jump into learning everything we can about a brand’s business and objective. This can include geo market research, keyword analysis, website analytics, competition studies, reviews, and customer journey maps.

Good marketers will always look at the data first, and when you’re also a storyteller at heart, you can often find the art in the nuances. We next convert our discoveries into recommendations. We concentrate on strategies that tell the most powerful stories through the most appropriate platforms. 

This is the execution phase. Our team creates and produces cohesive content in a range of formats, including photo, video, web design, graphic design and creative copywriting. Each work is created with a specific goal in mind and strives to optimize cost efficiency.

It doesn’t matter how great the content is, if no one sees it, it was all for nothing. By using strategic audience targeting and media planning, we get eyeballs on brands and ultimately sales conversions. Because we also track and report on results, we can adapt and improve as opportunities arise.

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