josh nichol

DP Videographer – Bringing Relational Horsemanship Training to the World


Play Video about Josh Nichol, relational horsemanship expert on film set for a corporate video shoot.


In response to high demand for in-person relational horsemanship training, Josh and his team have spent the past few years developing a fantastic online program that some have called life changing. Up to this point, most sales came from word of mouth, so the team knew it was time to up its digital advertising efforts.


Gorgeous horses, stunning country landscapes and lots of love and passion, how could we not get excited about this project? We studied the global equine industry throughly and it became evident early on that this is a lifestyle and market that worships its celebrity personalities – and Josh is no exception to that rule. 

Using enhanced realism, we sought to create an ad that creates intrigue around Josh and his brand. We want the audience to hear Josh, to connect to his passion, to the relational horsemanship lifestyle and be impacted enough that they want to learn more. We knew that to be successful, we needed the audience to get a sense for who Josh is, and let his authentic self shine through. Lucky for us, Josh, his team and his horses did exactly that. 


This project with Josh is one of our fav recent DP Videographer projects! It was recently completed and we should have results to share soon. 


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