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Video Production Company — Stewardship Documentary

Client—ev⁺ Agency, ABVMA

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We were the video production company that teamed up with ev+ AGENCY to produce this documentary for The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) in association with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.  We embarked on an initiative to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance stewardship.  


Thanks to the global pandemic along with shifting discoveries and priorities among industry partners, this project evolved quite a bit over the nearly two years it took to produce. While initially, the focus was on sounding the alarm over the global threat of antimicrobial resistance, the team soon came to realize there was a lot more to consider in this story.

In the end, we knew Raised with Care made the most sense as a 30 minute documentary piece. We had multiple storylines and key messages that all fit nicely within a five chapter structure. It was a sentimental showcase of an impressive industry of stewards already collaborating, innovating, and actively changing their practices, to protect the safety and sustainability of the food we eat.

Needing to learn more about antimicrobial resistance ourselves, we acknowledged that education was going to the base layer of this project. That immediately made us think of the Canadian classic Nature of Things. We wanted heart-warming crossed with education and some entertainment sprinkled in. When we asked Dr. Burrage if he could think of any clients that made significant changes in their stewardship efforts and he told us about Kym and Buster and how they still raise livestock from the back of horses, we knew we could knock this project out of the park. Securing Daryl McIntyre as our host, only sweetened the deal. Hands down, spending time with Kym and Buster out in Sundre, AB foothills and driving through hundreds of head of cattle being herded down the mountain by horses and working dogs, will always remain one of our most cherished memories.


The 30 minute documentary premiered at the CanWest 2021 conference, and has since been rapidly shared online, broadcast locally on Telus and Shaw, and to our delight, was even featured in the Ads of the World Creative Advertising Showcase. In early 2022, it was also recognized with an Advertising Club of Edmonton (ACE) Award.


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