Open Door with mcdavid

Videographer Edmonton – an Open Door episode with Connor McDavid

Client—Architectural Digest (Conde Nast), Crews Control

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The Open Door team over at Architectural Digest (AD) needed a top notch videographer in Edmonton for their episode of Lauren Kyle, Connor McDavid and Lenard McDavid’s house.


The project required an Edmonton team that included a DP, Camera Operator, Audio Tech, PA and Covid Supervisor. The schedule was tight with us bouncing back and forth between locations and sharing time with photography, but the entire day went smoothly otherwise. The home was so impressive and camera friendly, it made our jobs easy. And despite the rain, we even managed a few exterior shots with a rare moment of sunshine peeking through. We remotely connected with the Director and team at Conde Nast during the talent portion and had an absolute blast chasing the family around the house and making them ride the elevator repeatedly. Connor and Lauren were a great team. They were kind and professional and Lenard even made time for pets from all his fans.  


Without a doubt this will likely be the most viral project we’ll ever be a part of. It was everywhere digitally for weeks, talked about on the radio, parodied on social media and hockey fans and armchair interior designers from around the world weighed in. The original Youtube video itself is approaching 4.5 million views. 


11749 156 St. Suite 100
Edmonton, AB
T5M 3N4