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Client—Go Auto

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Go Auto is a highly successful and rapidly growing automotive business. Like any smart business, they know happy, well-trained staff are critical to its ongoing success. They needed help from a video marketing agency to attract more millennials and women to work at Go Auto. 

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Our number one objective with this project was to create content that passes the skip ad test. How do we create a series of recruitment ads that an entire generation of cynical 18-34 year olds might actually watch before they can hit that skip ad button? Is it possible to also produce something that targets the general public and makes them think, maybe I would kick ass in this industry, with this company? Maybe I should work at Go Auto?

From here, the Need a New Job campaign was born. Most of us have worked some pretty horrible jobs in our lifetime. Bad bosses, depressing culture, low pay, nightmare customers, zero incentive to perform. We’ve also listened to the management at these same places give lip service to the importance of corporate culture, while we rolled our eyes in response. We wanted to design a series of ads for cynical millennials and women that poked fun at those types of situations and cliches.

Go Auto did have some expectations that we had to account for in our design. They wanted every video to be specific to a certain job as well as videos that targeted women. They also wanted each video to have a long (1-minute plus) version that lists a paragraph worth of perks for working at Go Auto. The formula of eccentric voiceover paired with absurd situational comedy developed itself and we all felt the quirky factor really hit the mark. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this project and it is hands-down one of our favourites to date. 

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➍ Recruiting Women

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➎ Automotive Technicians

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The clients were very happy with the final campaign results and say they still receive praise from their peers when they run them. We are thrilled to share that the Advertising Club of Edmonton recognized this campaign with two 2021 awards including the Craft Category for Writing. 

The OG Project

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Before the Need a New Job series was initiated, we first wrote and produced this We Build Careers video to run in the Toronto area market. It was very well received with applicants saying it made them perceive Go Auto as a place with a great culture and career advancement. 


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