Ranked Ballot Only

Video Production Canada – Demanding Political Reform

Client—Fair Vote Canada

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As federal and provincial elections gear up across the country, Fair Vote Canada sought our help producing a script idea they had been toying with to comically demonstrate the way certain politicians promise electoral reform at campaign time, vs what they actually deliver when they are the ones in power.


Fair Vote Canada needed a national and Ontario based video ad campaign and we’re always eager to take on video production partners frpm across Canada. While we don’t often partner with political organizations, advocating for modernization and electoral reform is something we can get behind. Fair Vote Canada had a sassy script idea around ranked ballots and they let us run with it. We upped the absurdity and comedic elements and kicked off casting right away. We were so pleased when we received the auditions of our main actresses because we just knew they’d knock this out of the park. Despite the challenges shooting during a pandemic can add, the production days went flawlessly. We even managed to source a Ranked Ballot coffee cup in under 12 hours. Fair Vote reviewed it with their steering committee and they all agreed it is going to be a highly effective tool in their proportional representation public communications going forward. 


Fair Vote is asking Canadians to demand real electoral reform of their political parties, and the momentum is growing. With a modest ad spend the video had over 170K views in a month on Youtube alone. 


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