Est. 2011

About Urban Video

We’re a creative bunch, with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make things happen. We know that video production and creative content have the power to solve complex business problems – which is why we are so invested in our client’s success.

        Urban Video Inc. is an award winning, full-service video production company. We can produce your project from start to finish, or jump in and provide assistance wherever you need it.
Crystal McPhee and Darren McPhee, co-founders of Urban Video Inc. based in Edmonton Alberta

Crystal McPhee, Executive Producer and
Darren McPhee, Creative Director

Leadership & Values

With over a decade of experience in commercial video production, co-founders Crystal and Darren McPhee are highly sought after for their impeccable production value, contemporary style, and customer-first approach.

Strategy Focused

Success in business doesn’t happen by accident. It requires smart strategies with achievable goals. The same principals apply to marketing. At Urban Video, we understand the value of research and strategy, and that it should be at the foundation of everything we do. We want to understand our client’s business, study the industries, audiences, and any data available to us, all while ensuring the execution and delivery stay true to the objective. This is how we make effective, measurable content that gets results.

Design & Storytelling

We’re always thinking about what will make our clients’ marketing the most compelling and impactful, and it always comes down to design and storytelling. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with the latest tech and viral trends in this industry. We follow the industry closely of course, and incorporate trends when it makes sense to; however, we believe story and effective design will always trump trends. Our clients can trust that we will bridge that gap, and that every design or camera choice we make will be motivated, effective, and ultimately increase the capacity of the audience to understand the story or message. 

We love finding creative ways to solve complex business challenges.
Woman writes on whiteboard during a content agency brainstorming session

Multidiciplinary Production Company

We attract and foster multidisciplinary talent here. Our team works flat and fast and we’re capable of wearing various hats. Most of us can jump from copywriting to videography, editing or directing—just like that.

        We work collaboratively, which for us means we work efficiently. Our clients appreciate our ability to produce high quality work, creatively and within tight timelines.

Connor McDavid and Lauren Kyle behind the scenes from their Open Door video house tour.

We want everyone to feel welcome here, regardless of background, race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability. 

If you’re interested in employment or freelance opportunities with us, drop us a line.


11749 156 St. Suite 100
Edmonton, AB
T5M 3N4