Every Name Deserves Care

Client — Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) and ev+ AGENCY

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In partnership with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) and ev+ AGENCY, we took on the challenge of shedding light on the mounting pressures faced by the veterinarian industry in Alberta. As the province witnessed a significant surge in pet ownership, coupled with shortages in the workforce, veterinary practices and emergency hospitals found themselves grappling with exceptionally high caseloads. With an estimated 3,700 pets for every vet team in Alberta, the need to raise awareness about this critical issue was paramount.


We were inspired by ev+ AGENCY’s idea of building creative off of a common scene in vet clinics – a large board filled with heartwarming Polaroid photos of adorable pets. To create a powerful impact, we decided to employ a dramatic camera movement, pulling back slowly to reveal a striking sight – a wall covered with thousands of Polaroid photos representing all the waiting patients. Accompanied by a compelling narration, we aimed to help Albertans understand the overwhelming challenges currently being faced by the veterinarian industry, and how they as pet owners can help.


The response was very heartening! The video struck a chord with viewers, and it received widespread appreciation on social media. We were very proud to play a small role in this highly effective campaign that also included a website and full-sized billboards.


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