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First 5 Challenge

Product Video Production – ORIJEN First 5 Challenge

Client—Champion Petfoods

Play Video about White cyc wall product photography and video for Cat food company.


Play Video about A black and white house cat filmed in a professional film studio for a pet food commercial.



Champion Petfoods hired us to help execute product video production for its Take the First 5 Challenge, ORIJEN and ACANA cat foods. Champion is so confident in the quality of their foods, they created this campaign to challenge consumers to look at the first five ingredients in their cat food. They had a script, the supers and a storyboard ready to go, so we hit the ground running to shoot and edit this project on a tight deadline. 


We’ve worked with cats in their home environments plenty of times before, but we knew having to film cats that needed to travel by car and then be cooperative models in a foreign studio could present some problems. While the day had some minor hiccups, we were very happy with the performances of our hungry carnivores who were happily rewarded with many, many nourishing ORIJEN treats. 

With day one of production wrapped, we got to work at a second studio location where we could take our time capturing the impeccable product and bag shots the project required. This type of videography is a special skill unto itself. It requires plenty of attention to detail, creativity and technical skill. Perfectly matching the lighting set ups of white backdrops in two different studios, on two very different subjects is more time consuming than you’d imagine. In the end deadlines were met and we were delighted with how striking these videos turned out.


Champion Petfoods continues to impress us with their commitment to education in their marketing efforts and the success of this particular campaign. 


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