If you already have footage, whether it’s for a TV pilot, television commercial, music video, web video, wedding or live event, our editors are experts at organizing and crafting stories from scratch. Urban Video has a state-of-the-art video editing suite in Edmonton that is capable of handling the most demanding projects – from 4K video to 3D compositing. Our specced-out Mac Pro editing station is equipped with dual broadcast monitors to ensure colour accuracy, and is packed with Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, Edius Pro 7, Davinci Resolve, and iZotope audio mastering software.


Other Post-Production Services

Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion graphics can make or break a project. That’s why we’re only interested in producing videos with cutting-edge, modern motion graphics. Urban Video does most motion graphics and animation in-house, however there are certain projects that require specialization beyond our capabilities. We have built a network of skilled motion graphics and animation specialists that can accommodate any request, from 3D compositing and fly-through videos, to animated explainer videos and more.

Colour Correction

Colour correction and grading are an important part of the post-production process. Our specced-out Mac Pro video editing suite is equipped with the best video graphics card, as well as professional broadcast monitors to ensure colour accuracy. We use utilize the industry-leading Davinci Resolve platform for all our colour correction and grading needs.