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Full Service Video Production & Creative Development

Urban Video is a full-service video production company that has worked with some of Canada’s top brands – McDonald’s, Shell, Canadian Red Cross, Enbridge, Chandos, Cummins Western Canada, the Alberta Newsprint Company, and Health Canada. What do we mean when we say full service? Full service means we possess the equipment, facility, manpower and knowledge to produce your next project in-house. We’re not farming out our services, which means we can consistently produce high level work, on time and on budget. The types of videos we generally produce are corporate videos, safety videos, web videos, training videos, television commercials, and animated explainer videos.

In addition to offering our clients a complete in-house production solution, our creative team is eager and ready to head the creative development phase. In fact, pre-production is the phase our team looks the most forward to. In a time where many videos are cookie-cutter replicas of one another, we’re striving to offer something new to our clients. Please visit our video production services page for a complete list of our video production services.


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Video Editing Services

Urban Video has a modern and clean studio space with two cutting-edge editing stations. We run the most up-to-date 2016 Mac systems with RAID 5 redundancy built in to ensure your precious footage is safe no matter what. Our editors and motion graphics artists are trained in various software applications from the Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve and After Effects. For more information on our video editing services, please visit our video editing services page.


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Videography Services

Capturing beautiful images is so much more than pointing a camera and pressing record. It requires skill, experience and an artful eye. It’s knowing how to compose a beautiful shot. It’s knowing what lens to use and why. Do we want a wide, medium or close? What will tell the story best? What will captivate your audience. It’s using the right camera and understanding how to get the most out of it. It’s about exposing your subject correctly without overexposing everything else. It’s about framing and moving the camera with purpose to create the desired emotion. Do we want our subject to appear powerful and important, average, or small and insignificant? Do we want flattering, soft lighting or do we want harsh, more dramatic lighting? These are the questions that an experience videographer asks themselves when setting up shots.

Our senior videographers have over a decade experience capturing beautiful, cinematic images in some of the most challenging locations. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands, as well as interviewed some of the most interesting people, public officials, COEs, etc. We know how to get the right shot and the right soundbite to tell your story. For more information on our videographer services, please visit our videographer services page.


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Being in Edmonton, Alberta, quality video production equipment is hard to find. Most of the rental houses in Edmonton simply don’t carry the high end, specialty items that Vancouver and Toronto carry. Items such as wireless video transmitters, Flanders Scientific monitors, Red Digital Cinema cameras are extremely hard to find in Edmonton. That’s why Urban Video’s technical department has spent the better part of a decade procuring these kinds of items. We only use industry-leading equipment from the most trusted brands around the world. If it’s not good enough for Hollywood, it’s not good enough for us. That’s our motto. For details on some of the equipment we carry, please check out our equipment page.