Project Case Study: Cummins Western Canada (CWC)

Cummins Western Canada (CWC) hired Urban Video to film and edit a series of videos for its ”Taking Care” program. Taking Care is CWC’s new internal programming that focuses on increasing productivity, improving customer service standards and refining the organization’s corporate image. The first Taking Care video was focused on educating staff on the new customer service processes, starting with greeting the customers, to diagnosing and fixing the mechanical issues to completing the invoice.

We developed a great relationship with our clients on this first video and they then hired us to produce the next video in the series, the Dealer Edition. The Dealer Edition video was aimed at enhancing relationships with its vast network of dealerships that sell and repair Cummins engines, as well as educate them on the CWC services available to them. CWC VP Kimberly Kelly, and freelance director Jeffrey Kay developed the creative and narration for both videos. Additional filming for this video took place over two days at the CWC headquarters in Surrey, B.C. The most memorable part of the trip was definitely when we set up the camera right beside one of the country’s busiest highways, Trans-Canada Highway 1. While we were a pretty safe distance from the traffic, it was raining so hard that we were soaked and the air pressure from the traffic was making our umbrellas useless. We were so thankful that the camera and our lenses survived all that rain! We also spent a day in Canada’s friendliest city Winnipeg, MB. This is where CWC’s parts call centre is and we couldn’t say enough nice things about all the staff there. Everyone was so accommodating and friendly, and not the least bit camera shy which made the day a lot of fun.

This video was presented at an event in Kamloops with hundreds of dealers in the room. We were told that the video was very well received and that many dealership executives approached the CWC presenter afterwards and asked for copies of the video. They were saying they had no idea CWC offered all the training programs and extra incentives that the video explained and they were really excited to capitalized on them. Mission accomplished!