Project Case Study: CRP Products Ltd.

CRP Products Ltd. was attending the 2013 Gas and Oil Expo and decided to punch up this year’s vendor booth with a video. Using video is a highly effective way of marketing your business at tradeshows. Video not only allows you to visually showcase your product and team to potential customers, but also builds credibility for your brand. Tradeshows provide excellent “business to business” marketing opportunities; so keep in mind that this audience expects videos with a high production value.

We were flattered when CRP chose us to produce their video, and luckily we were able to accommodate their tight timeline. CRP is Western Canada’s largest manufacturer of HDPE pipefittings. Innovation is central to everything CRP stands for and it was important that the video reflect that. This was pretty easy to do when every direction you turn, you see a cool looking piece of equipment or tool being used. Later we’d hear the story of how or why a certain machine was customized or designed in-house to meet (and exceed) technological trends or respond to industry demand. Film day went brilliantly and we had a ton of really amazing footage to choose from.

Because tradeshow videos play on a loop, we designed the opening and closing graphic with seamless flow, and visual interest. Dave Pettitt voiced the narration and did an exceptional job as usual.