Tax Talk, City of Fort Saskatchewan

Project Description

The City of Fort Saskatchewan was preparing to release its annual budget in 2014 and wanted to take a creative approach to engaging its residents in the budget. They thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to local students and find out their perspectives on how municipal taxes are paid, and where the money goes.

We were hired and worked with the City of Fort Saskatchewan to come up with a format that was fun and engaging. We set up a fake sound studio and talk show format, with one student as guest and the other as host. This was the perfect way to increase branding recognition of the City’s famous red couches, their “Gotta Love it” slogan and legendary sheep.

It was important to the client that we didn’t tell the students what to say, but rather get their own perspectives about the topic first and foremost. Local students in a grade four class were learning about government and they made the ideal talent for the six one-minute videos. On production day we sat down and chatted with each pair of students about taxes and what taxes mean to them personally. Their ideas and energy were contagious with students discussing everything from emergency services, to river valley development to the need for spending on healthcare and recreation. The project was a huge success with print and radio media pickup and a special presentation made to Fort Saskatchewan’s City Council where all 12 of our stars were recognized by Council.

To watch all six videos, visit The City of Fort Saskatchewan’s YouTube Channel.