Blue Cross Client Testimonial Video

NAIT, one of Canada’s leading polytechnics, is known for its relevant and responsive education. Its partnerships with governments, businesses, and industries worldwide, allows it to deliver highly qualified workers and solutions for tough business challenges. Despite NAIT’s history of success across its credit and non-credit training programs, its business services opportunities have been largely “under the radar.”

As part of its strategy to unite all of NAIT’s business and industry services in a customer-facing marketing and communications strategy, we were hired to bring to life a series of promotional videos that highlight business and industry service success stories. We started with Alberta Blue Cross. The two organizations have a long history of developing corporate leaders through NAIT’s PES (Productivity Enhancement Services) programs. Alberta Blue Cross has a strong corporate culture that centers on productivity and leadership. They believe in investing in their employees and NAIT supports them by providing training and leadership education.

As we learned more about our key speaker, Ray Pisani, CEO of Alberta Blue Cross, we were struck by his integrity and how passionately he pushes for mental, emotional and physical health and wellness, and how strongly we believes it contributes to higher quality of life for his team, and all Albertans. To create a “hook” and some intrigue we wanted to tie together the concept of active, healthy lifestyles and productivity to open the video. Ray was on board, and we were thrilled when the beautiful Royal Glenora Club opened its doors to us so we could make this testimonial video, something special.

We were really pleased with how this story came together. It is clear that the Ray and his team at Alberta Blue Cross walk the talk when it comes to professional development and NAIT provides the necessary tools to help them achieve success.