McDonald’s School Fundraiser

Project Description

If you’ve ever visited the Edmonton Westmount McDonald’s around lunch time, you know that the kids from Ross Sheppard High School flock to this location in droves. Owner-Operators Chat and Suki Sangha have a special bond with the school and its students, and when they heard that the Ross Shep Athletics Department wanted to try to help make school sports more affordable, the Sanghas were eager to get involved.

Together they planned a very special School Fundraiser Night where 25% of food sales where donated to Ross Sheppard Athletics.

We were really excited when Cossette, a national advertising agency that works with McDonald’s Canada, contacted us about producing a video to capture the spirit of the night. We jumped at the opportunity!

And the October 2015 event did not disappoint. The school and sports teams were there in full force, dancing and cheering at drivers on Groat Road to stop in and support their school. EPS and Edmonton Fire Services where there, and even the ever-photogenic Ronald McDonald was there mingling with delighted students, staff and customers. Between the sales made and the generous owners’ contributing, Ross Shep Athletics made a whopping $2,400 towards lowering sports fees for all athletes.

We used a mix of regular and slow motion to capture the energy and emotion of the day. Cossette wrote the copy and we were very pleased when we found this great, upbeat soundtrack to complement the pace and visuals.

Just how great were these kids?!