City of Edmonton
Cultural Ambassadors

Project Description

What is corporate culture? How can employees at the City of Edmonton influence it (and have a ton of fun while they’re at it)? By becoming a Culture Ambassador of course!

We produced this video for the City of Edmonton’s Corporate Culture department. They wanted something informational, but also fun to demonstrates the role, history and impact of culture at work. We took inspiration from a Vimeo award winning short, Symmetry by the Mercandantes and played with a split screen of antonyms. Images representing bad corporate culture are on one side and images with good culture are on the other.

We’ve always wanted to include interview bloopers in a project, and this was such a quirky, high-energy project we all felt this definitely the right occasion. We also treated the colour and graphics with a bizarr-o Wes Anderson style which added to the visual intrigue. The messages are there, but it is also light, easy to digest and resonated with many of the staff at the City.