Coleten’s Story YOUCAN Youth Services Promo Video


Project Description

YOUCAN Youth Services is dedicated to supporting at-risk youth.

Through a variety of programs, they assist young people in transitioning into employment or back into education while ultimately, reducing youth violence. YOUCAN is a charitable non-profit organization that relies on its government and corporate partners for funding, as well as donations from the community. For the third year in a row, Urban Video produced a video to supplement these efforts. We knew we needed to tug on heartstrings, and that the best way to show how YOUCAN benefits the community and those in it, was to highlight a success story.

This was Coleten. Coleten was in a bad place. After he was arrested for dealing drugs, he was introduced to YOUCAN. Now he is an honours student with a bright future ahead of hm.

The video was premiered at the YOUCAN Youth Services Comedy Night, its annual fundraising event, on March 4, 2017 where they broke donation records. The video will also be embedded on the YOUCAN website and used in various sponsorship/marketing opportunities.

Urban Video would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to: Coleten, to the YOUCAN team, especially Kyle Dubé and to all the YOUCAN Youth. We are so grateful to you for opening your hearts and allowing us to tell this wonderful story that we are so proud of.