City of Edmonton, Corporate Culture

Project Description

Waterstone Human Capital recognized the City of Edmonton as one of Canada’s Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2014. They were also the very first municipality to be recognized! This was an incredible milestone for the City after years of work transforming the corporate culture for their 11,000 plus employees.

We were hired to create a celebratory piece that the City could use to showcase the award to its staff and to Edmonton City Council on February 10, 2015. Originally, our only resource was three interviews and supplied event footage. We pitched a concept that incorporated text elements with thoughtful pacing, a heartfelt soundtrack, and our own b-roll from past City projects. The concept was a hit! It beautifully builds on the passion and integrity of our interviewees and leaves the audience with a sense of the journey the City has taken in the last five years.