Almita Piling Inc.
Corporate Video

Project Description

Almita Piling Inc. was seeking a corporate video for its external marketing purposes (website, sales pitches, trade shows, etc), as well as to educate its staff internally. Almita is a rapidly growing company with a diverse workforce located in offices across Western Canada. They design, manufacture and install screw piles with a unique helix design, and had identified a disconnect between various departments in understanding each other’s processes and role.

The challenge of this video was taking a large industrial product and showing off its life cycle in a visually interesting, and emotional way. We sought to achieve this through strategic composition and motion, while also focusing on the people at Almita. We approached the project knowing we wanted to portray Almita in a way that’s tough, gritty and honours the industries it services. A powerful modern soundtrack was key to achieving this. The style of motion graphics designed for this project also help drive home the message that Almita Piling is a modern company, on the cutting edge of innovation.

“I just wanted to pass along my thanks to Urban Video. We are extremely pleased with the video you produced for us, and I personally appreciate all the extra time and effort that went into making this exceptional.”

Rich Hiron, Vice President
Almita Piling Inc