Lens Whacking

I have seen a lot of really incredible work lately involving lens whacking and have been eager to give it a try. Lens whacking (or free lensing) is a method of shooting where the lens is detached from the camera body. This allows light to leak in and creates all kinds of gorgeous light effects. People describe it as adding a dreamlike or vintage quality, and I agree.

I ordered an old Nikon 35mm F2 that I found on eBay and took advantage of the first slow day I had. Using my Canon C100 and the Canon Log Picture Profile, I experimented with lens whacking for the first time today and captured my wife and daughter playing in the backyard.

Color grading was quick and dirty. I dropped an adjustment layer over the whole project and used Filmconvert. The whole thing was shot and edited in a few hours.

Darren McPhee,
Creative Director, Urban Video