The Importance of “Pre” in Pre-Production

Pre-production planning, video production Edmonton

We were really surprised recently when a client told us that another video production company had said that they do not offer any pre-production services. I guess it’s commendable, at least, that this person didn’t pretend to be qualified in something they are not. But at the same time, how comfortable would you be in hiring someone to produce and edit a video that was not the least bit involved in the original vision of that video?

We especially love it when clients ask us to pitch ideas and concepts, but that’s another blog for another day. It’s at the pre-production stage that we get to meet you and learn a little bit about your project. What is the purpose of the video? What do you ultimately want to achieve? Who is the audience? Any stakeholders to consider? How, when and why will it be launched/viewed? It’s also important that we learn more about yourself and your organization…

Don’t underestimate the importance of the script.

From here we get to dig into the creative development and script-writing phase. Merging creative writing with business and competitive intelligence to profile a corporate brand through video is an exciting challenge. Sometimes storyboards are developed, other times the video is centered on interviews. We can prepare the interview questions and prompts as well.

You can trust our marketing and public relations backgrounds to look out for your best interests. We consider the little things, those little things that can easily be overlooked. And with video being such a public medium, those little things can sometimes come back to haunt you.

Some clients know exactly what they want, and that’s great too. Some pre-production is still always required. From here we move to location and talent scouting, soundtrack selection, reviewing corporate style guides, gathering release forms, hiring crew members, etc.

We pride ourselves in our strong customer relationships and are open to working with all types of clients, from the hands-on types that prefer regular status update meetings and require signing off on all aspects of development to the hands-off types that just want us to wow them with the final product.

The All-Important Budget Check-in.

One of the most important steps of pre-production is having a budget check-in before filming starts. It’s in the interest of all parties to ensure that the original budget we quoted you for is still accurate and on track. If it’s not, let’s make adjustments and find ways to ensure you still end up with that amazing video you are pining for.