My name is Amy Schuring and here is a little something to help you get to know me! First of all, it is with a lot of pride and excitement that I be able to officially introduce myself as Urban Video’s Video Communications Intern. I am beyond grateful to be given this title and hope I do it justice over the following weeks. Before I get into how I landed this amazing opportunity with Urban Video, I want to first share with you a little about myself.

I was born and raised just outside of Edmonton in rural Sturgeon County. As proud as I am of my roots, I try to travel as often as I am able. I like to spend time trying new things, meeting new people, and being with my family. I enjoy all things social media and keep up with everything trending. I really love to make people laugh and connect with them through my gift of gab; as a result, my choice of post-secondary education came as no surprise.

This coming fall, I will be entering my fourth and final year as a bachelor of communications student majoring in professional communications at MacEwan University. Since having entered my program, and being exposed to so many new people, educators, and experiences, I have developed an interest in public relations. My first experience in public relations and brand management began with a program management position at a community drop-in centre. This particular job is what eventually led me to connect with Urban Video.

Last summer, while working as the program manager for the Mosaic Centre, the Urban Video team volunteered their time and services to creating a promotional video for our organization. They donated their resources and hours of work to create something that illustrated who we were and what we did. The final product went above and beyond anything we could have imagined. I later learned that Crystal was a communications professional just as I hope to be! Being able to see someone with a similar background as myself produce such incredible work got me excited for my upcoming student placement. I was able to reach out to Urban Video and ask if they would take me on an intern. Being the awesome people they are, Crystal and Darren welcomed me to their team for the summer.

Internship experiences can be intimidating to say the least. You are entering the workforce as a student and are then expected to apply all the things you’ve studied for the past few years to your work. The skills you’ve worked to develop and have chosen to make a career out of are finally put to the test. It’s nerve-racking. I was lucky enough to find a placement where I was so warmly welcomed by such amazing employers. As of right now my work with Urban Video is just starting up. I am slowly but surely falling into my role as the intern, and I look forward to the work ahead of me. I hope my time with Urban Video makes way for different learning opportunities and prepares me for my final year of school, as well as my future career endeavors.

amy schuring