Lens Whacking

I have seen a lot of really incredible work lately involving lens whacking and have been eager to give it a try. Lens whacking (or free lensing) is a method of shooting where the lens is detached from the camera body. This allows light to leak in and creates all kinds of gorgeous light effects. People describe it as adding a dreamlike or vintage quality, and I agree. Continue Reading »

Turn Your Atomos Blade into an EVF | Grid 5.0 Viewfinder Review


The Atomos Ninja Blade and Samurai Blade are great external recorders, and pretty decent monitors too. While they’re no DP7, they do have many of the professional features you need in a monitor – high resolution, zebra stripes, focus peaking, waveform and audio monitors, etc. In many circumstances the Blade is more than sufficient doubling as a monitor. The only real issue we have is with its glossy screen. When shooting outside on a semi-bright day, the screen glare can be a deal breaker. Continue Reading »

Directing Motion Tour 2014 | A Wake Up Call

Vincent Laforet showing students examples of great cinematography at his Directing Motion Class in Vancouver.

We live in a technological time, which is exciting for filmmakers, to say the least. I get more excited for NAB every year than I did for Christmas as a child. I spend way too much time obsessing over new products, reading product reviews, scouring blogs and forums in search of the next piece of gear that will bring new production value to my shoots. Sometimes I’ll even fill my B&H shopping cart with gear I can’t afford and hover the mouse over the Pay Now button. Gear – it’s easy to get lost in it all. Continue Reading »

Project Case Study: CRP Products Ltd.

CRP Products Ltd. was attending the 2013 Gas and Oil Expo and decided to punch up this year’s vendor booth with a video. Using video is a highly effective way of marketing your business at tradeshows. Video not only allows you to visually showcase your product and team to potential customers, but also builds credibility for your brand. Tradeshows provide excellent “business to business” marketing opportunities; so keep in mind that this audience expects videos with a high production value. Continue Reading »

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