“Let’s Go”
Production Company: Urban Video Inc.

Urban Video is casting for an online advertisement shoot in St Albert, AB.  

Production Date is expected to be the afternoon to early evening of January 13.

Send recent headshot, resume and/or reel to [email protected]

Video will be online for one year, Canadian distribution.

Top applicants must be willing to send in a video audition. 


Sports Dad

  • Male, Late 30s
  • Sporty Type. Played minor hockey and passed that love on to his children
  • Any nationality


  • Male, 10-12
  • As hockey obsessed as Dad
  • Any nationality

These are non-speaking roles but convincing facial expressions are important.

Thank you.

Casting Call – Calling all comedians and eccentrics

CASTING CALL: Calling all comedians, wannabe comedians and eccentrics. Looking for quirky people for a comedic promo project. Moderate pay.

Barry – MALE 20s-30s. Think Greg Focker from Meet the Parents. Kind eyes, but kind of a dumb-dumb.

Boss – MALE or FEMALE 40s-50s. A simpleton but thinks he or she is pretty great. Cocky. Think David Brent in the British Office.

Rando – Random Dude or Chick with a big laugh. Snarky.

Meat Head – Big Guy. Burly. Can be a physical actor.

Coworker – FEMALE 20s-40s. Classic Debbi Downer

Spokesperson MALE late 30s-50s – Suave. Stylish. Deep Voice. Confident. Good with sarcasm.

Shooting next week in Edmonton. Please respond with recent headshot. Share past acting or comedy experience. (We welcome applicants with no experience) [email protected]

Meet the newest member of the Urban Video team, Daniel Wilhelm

Urban Video pigeon

My name is Daniel Wilhelm and I am very excited to be the newest member of the Urban Video team as Production Coordinator.

I have assisted Urban Video on a number of occasions prior, including assisting on video shoots and graphic design projects. I am excited to be working in a variety of departments here. My upcoming responsibilities include scripting, facilitating productions, and most excitingly; building a strong relationship with all Urban Video clients. Continue Reading »

Tips for producing videos in multiple languages


Being Canadian, we’re often producing videos that require English and French versions or closed captions in other languages. I thought I’d share a few of the production tips and tricks we’ve picked up so far.

1. When you are relying on voiceovers to carry the story, remember that some languages require different lengths of time. When we are looking at an English script with 20 shots, and need a French version as well, we are sure to add at least 20% more length to each of those shots so we have enough footage to cover the French voice over. Here’s a handy percentage guide that compares the length of English text to other languages. Continue Reading »

Storyboarding, What is it Good for?

Filmmaking and video production storyboarding

What is storyboarding anyways?

This is something you’ve probably asked yourself in order to have wound up here, and honestly we don’t blame you. Storyboarding, can be confusing and intimidating for someone starting to create film or video. You may have wondered, ‘Should I bring a storyboard into a pitch? Do I have to hire a professional illustrator? Aren’t mood boards and storyboards the same thing?’ Continue Reading »

Hello from our Video Communications Intern, Amy

student books library

My name is Amy Schuring and here is a little something to help you get to know me! First of all, it is with a lot of pride and excitement that I be able to officially introduce myself as Urban Video’s Video Communications Intern. I am beyond grateful to be given this title and hope I do it justice over the following weeks. Before I get into how I landed this amazing opportunity with Urban Video, I want to first share with you a little about myself. Continue Reading »

Urban Video Receives Distinction at the ACE Awards

Urban Video ACE Award

We’re embarrassingly behind on our blogging lately, but that doesn’t take away from our excitement in receiving Distinction at the Edmonton ACE Awards. The ACE awards in case you didn’t know, is the Advertising Club of Edmonton Awards. Each year, the ACE committee brings in judges from across the country to select winners in a broad range of categories and we received Distinction for our project, “Where it All Starts: Rural Alberta with the AAMDC.” Continue Reading »

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