Edmonton-based videographers on call

Urban Video has built an award-winning team of talented videographers for hire in the Edmonton area. Our camera operators have experience shooting with a variety of professional digital cinema cameras, including a range of DSLRs, Go Pros and aerial drones. Our clients rave about the cinematic style of shooting. Whether you are looking for run and gun, safe and steady, epic slow-motion or something in between, we’ll shoot the best style, with right equipment, for your brand. 

We’ve been hired to cover everything from international news stories, conduct interviews with high-profile speakers for documentaries, shoot live events and even time-lapse photography.We take the extra effort to frame each shot the most artistically, add motion the most thoughtfully, light our subjects in the most attractive way, and it shows. Check out our portfolio and see our work for yourself.  

Our clients count on us to dress and behaviour appropriately, work safely and bring our A-game to every shoot. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built, and have collaborated with some of the best minds in the creative industry, on a global scale.

Our team is available for half day (under four hours) or full day productions. Directors, camera assistants, production assistants, audio and lighting technicians are also available for hire.

Sorry, but we do not specialize in wedding cinematography.