Casting Call – Calling all comedians and eccentrics

CASTING CALL: Calling all comedians, wannabe comedians and eccentrics. Looking for quirky people for a comedic promo project. Moderate pay.

Barry – MALE 20s-30s. Think Greg Focker from Meet the Parents. Kind eyes, but kind of a dumb-dumb.

Boss – MALE or FEMALE 40s-50s. A simpleton but thinks he or she is pretty great. Cocky. Think David Brent in the British Office.

Rando – Random Dude or Chick with a big laugh. Snarky.

Meat Head – Big Guy. Burly. Can be a physical actor.

Coworker – FEMALE 20s-40s. Classic Debbi Downer

Spokesperson MALE late 30s-50s – Suave. Stylish. Deep Voice. Confident. Good with sarcasm.

Shooting next week in Edmonton. Please respond with recent headshot. Share past acting or comedy experience. (We welcome applicants with no experience) [email protected]