Tips for producing videos in multiple languages


Being Canadian, we’re often producing videos that require English and French versions or closed captions in other languages. I thought I’d share a few of the production tips and tricks we’ve picked up so far.

1. When you are relying on voiceovers to carry the story, remember that some languages require different lengths of time. When we are looking at an English script with 20 shots, and need a French version as well, we are sure to add at least 20% more length to each of those shots so we have enough footage to cover the French voice over. Here’s a handy percentage guide that compares the length of English text to other languages. Continue Reading »

Project Case Study: CRP Products Ltd.

CRP Products Ltd. was attending the 2013 Gas and Oil Expo and decided to punch up this year’s vendor booth with a video. Using video is a highly effective way of marketing your business at tradeshows. Video not only allows you to visually showcase your product and team to potential customers, but also builds credibility for your brand. Tradeshows provide excellent “business to business” marketing opportunities; so keep in mind that this audience expects videos with a high production value. Continue Reading »

Project Case Study: Drainage Services. Driving Safety Home.

Looking for a creative way to raise awareness of and prevent vehicle safety incidences with its staff, The City of Edmonton’s Drainage Services operation hired Urban Video to produce a unique safety video. The City of Edmonton’s Drainage Services branch provides sanitary and stormwater drainage services to Edmontonians by planning, building, operating and maintaining the City’s drainage infrastructure. Continue Reading »

Project Case Study: Working Safe. Work That Counts

Urban Video was hired by Focus Communications to create an inspirational video for The City of Edmonton’s Drainage Design and Construction’s year-end staff meeting. The Design and Construction department is responsible for the design, engineering and construction of the City of Edmonton’s drainage infrastructure. The video was intended to build pride and thank the employees for their hard work the past year, while also reinforcing a corporate culture of safety and experience.

Facing tight timelines, the video was filmed at three locations on one day and was in post-production for only four days. Focus Communications liaised with the client and developed the interview questions while we filmed, directed, and edited the video. The video was so well received it was also posted on the department’s website homepage educating the public on the work Drainage Services does for the City of Edmonton, as well as assisting with recruitment efforts.