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Our Origin Story

Built from the ground up, Urban Video is a product of pure passion and determination. Cofounded by husband and wife team, Darren and Crystal McPhee, Urban has grown from its humble beginnings as a simple creative outlet to a respected, full-service, video production company. Crystal’s marketing and communications background coupled with Darren’s eye for detail and cinematic style, is what gives Urban Video its edge. We burst onto the scene in 2010 and haven’t looked back. With a growing clientele ranging from Shell, Health Canada, McDonald’s, Cummins Western Canada, Canadian Red Cross, and The City of Edmonton, we’re excited about the future of our company. From creative development, to location scouting, interviewing, directing, editing and motion graphics, we have the experience and passion to produce a video that you’ll truly be proud of.

Urban Video clients

Our Team

Crystal McPhee, Executive Director at Urban Video in Edmonton, Alberta.


Executive Director

Crystal’s eight years of project management experience with nonprofits, governments, and private businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, is invaluable to Urban Video’s wide range of clients. Crystal not only understands and anticipates clients’ unique needs, she challenges the notion of what a full-service video production company is.

Crystal understands that without thoughtful integration of a brand’s key messages, the success of a project is sure to fall flat. With years of experience in marketing and public relations, and a sometimes-overzealous passion for research, copywriting and digital marketing, Crystal is the messaging authority at Urban Video. Educated in journalism and communications at Grant MacEwan University, she is also a talented interviewer with a knack for putting people at ease while extracting the very best sound bites.

Darren McPhee, Creative Director at Urban Video Inc. in Edmonton.


Creative Director

As a cinematographer, Darren’s objective is simple: to make each Urban Video project the best one yet. Always growing and pushing the limits of what is possible, Darren thrives under pressure and is determined to over-deliver on every project. A relentlessly self-taught camera operator and editor with over a decade of experience, Darren’s fervent attention to detail, his unique ability to spot the beauty in any environment, and his unwavering dedication to the craft of filmmaking have helped elevate Urban Video into a league of its own.

In addition to being an accomplished director, videographer and editor, Darren is proficient in graphic design, web design (he developed Urban Video’s website), motion graphics, photography and copywriting – making him a true force in the creative industry.

Jayson McPhee, Copy Writer at Urban Video Inc. in Edmonton.


Copy Writer / Editor

A professional writer and a film production graduate from Vancouver Film School (2007-2008), Jayson believes in understanding his clients’ product and message inside and out. From conceiving an exceptional idea, to putting the final touches on a project in post, Jayson’s passion for exhibiting high quality work is indisputable.

His on-set experience and training from industry leaders, gives Jayson a broad understanding of the complete filmmaking process. Whether in the editing suite, or conceptualizing a winning script, his attention to detail and devotion to original, creative concepts takes our projects to a higher level.

Daniel Wilhelm, Production Coordinator at Urban Video Inc. in Edmonton


Production Coordinator

A NAIT Digital Media and IT student, Daniel is majoring in Business Development and works for Urban Video full time in the summer and part time during the school year. He is a great asset to Urban Video because he is not only interested in the project management side of our business, but he is also a techie and creative type. He can step up and lead in all aspects of production, from facilitating to scripting to assisting on shoot days. He is also has great attention to detail, which our clients greatly appreciate and rely on.